About Us

Managing Director Word

Since its incepon in the early 2012’s, the Al-Barr Group of Company name has been synonymous with quality, performance and experience. Building on this tradional legacy, Al-Barr Group has naturally evolved as a prominent player in engineing construcon, industry and technical services, establishing a strong presence both in Bangladesh and in overseas markets.

Our Group operang units, focus on serving strategic market sectors and endeavor to uphold our universal mission: “To be the leading, most efficient, technically superior, resilient and profitable private company in its respecve domains by providing our clients with creave and cost effecve technical soluons.

We take pride in performing our work professionally, with integrity, passion and dedicaon to our clients, achieving posive results through effecve and cohesive teamwork fostering trust and respect for individuals, supporng the diversity of our people while providing a stable, harmonious, producve and safe working environment.

Our values have truly shaped the company’s successful progression and will certainly connue to define what we aspire to achieve in the future. With a solid financial and technical base, Al-Barr Group connues to build winning relaonships with a wide spectrum of presgious partners across diverse business sectors and is well equipped to confidently approach challenging market opportunies on a global scale.

Together for a bright and prosperous tomorrow,

Majeed Abou Ayyash
Mohammad Monir Hossain

The Management Team